Now's your chance to hear tracks from the most anticipated album of the year.

The White Stripes’ earth-shaking new album Elephant is out March 31st.

We’ve heard it. And now so can you – but ONLY if you’re a true fan!

The band have placed new tracks on a secret website and you can access it from right here on NME.COM!


You will need a CD of ‘White Stripes’, ‘De Stijl’ or

‘White Blood Cells’. Once you’ve dug them out:

click the link below,

enter your details and click OK,

a small plug-in will be downloaded to your machine, click OK to authorise this,

put your CD into your CD ROM drive,


Your disc will be verified, then you’re through to the music!

For each of the White Stripes albums that you possess, you will be able to hear a new track,

so if you own all 3 albums, you get to hear 3 new tracks.

Move fast! This website will be taken down after seven days, so click


Don’t miss this week’s NME (onsale Wednesday) which features the World Exclusive White Stripes interview and the first review of the album anywhere.

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