Jack White also reveals he's not happy that copies of 'Elephant' have leaked out over the Internet...

White Stripes new album ‘ELEPHANT’ will have six different covers, JACK WHITE has revealed.

The duo’s new album is due for release on March 31 via XL. It has been brought forward following the leak of the record onto the Internet.

In a letter to fans on the band’s official website, [url=] White explained more about the record.

“We see ‘Elephant’ rising soon and it’s uncomplicated presence forces us to wake up in the morning,” he wrote. “I want to tell you about it some, but I don’t know where to start. I designed the artwork myself and with the help of Headcoats drummer Bruce Brand.

“I’ve separated the earth into three parts vertically, there will be six covers, one for vinyl, and one for compact disc in each of the three sections of the globe. That way Meg and I know where you got it from, such as the vinyl in Australia will be the same as the vinyl in Japan, but different from the CD in South America, which will be the same as the CD in North America.”

White also hinted he is upset at the leak of ‘Elephant’.

He continued: “I’m very sad at some of you for peeking at (your) Christmas presents before Christmas morning, can’t you wait? I can, well I do, we want you to have it when we want you to have it, it’s unfair that some get a taste and confuse others before they have the chance to have it for themselves, but the devil is at work here and you will pay for your impatience.”

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