Jack White ends the show in Union Square Park singing without mic or guitar....

Authorities pulled the plug during the White Stripes’ free open-air gig in NEW YORK yesterday (October 1), forcing JACK WHITE to end the show singing without mic or guitar.

Instead, the singer stood at the front of the stage and led the audience in an improvised sing-along with bandmate Meg tapping along behind.

The sudden stoppage prompted boos and howls from the 9,000 plus audience in Manhattan’s Union Square Park. Panicking officials could be seen at the side of the stage frantically gesturing to Jack, urging him to end the set. But he played on until a few bars into their last song the power was cut.

An unfazed Jack continued, singing at the top of his voice, audible only to those close to the stage. “What would it have taken to have allowed them to play for another five minutes?” complained White Stripes

fan Al Grant after the show. “It’s ridiculous. How petty is that?”

The band had only given a day’s notice of the show, one in a series of guerrilla gigs played by unannounced bands at unannounced venues through the city. Carmaker Nissan is sponsoring the shows, which have so far also featured Counting Crows.

White Stripes

played a similar to the ones they played in August when they played with The Strokes

at Radio City Music Hall and Irving Plaza, both in Manhattan.

‘Hotel Yorba’ received the biggest applause from a crowd that was made up of office workers on their lunch break, students from the nearby university and stunned passers-by.

“Thank you for skipping school and quitting your jobs to come here, it has made Meg very happy,” Jack quipped after taking the stage in searing 85-degree heat.