Jack and Meg opt for a transformation to tie in with new album 'Elephant'...

White Stripes have gone country for their new album!

But relax, it’s only in the press shots for the eagerly awaited ‘Elephant’ that Jack and Meg have opted for a transformation.

The pics find Jack looking like a cross between Hank Williams and Lucifer in an extravagant red cowboy shirt, his face ghostly white. Meg, meanwhile, is beside him in a billowy white dress and big bouffant hair, part Addams Family, part Loretta Lynn.

Jack said to NME.COM that the band are on a new country death tip and that they want to look like “dying country stars”. And he went on to say that ‘Elephant’, out on April 7, is “dedicated to the death of the sweetheart” because there is no honesty left in modern country music.

“We’re kind of dying country stars on the cover and that’s one little aspect of this whole death of a sweetheart idea,” he explained. “Modern country music has obliterated all honesty from country.”

Of the record’s title he added: “The album’s called ‘Elephant’ to represent both me and Meg’s personalities off stage and in real life – majesty and regalness, and innocence and subtlety – but it also ties in with this death of a sweetheart notion.

“There are a lot of myths about elephants, like they go to just one place to die. I’d seen a documentary and they become very emotional if they come across the dead bones of another elephant and try to start burying them. It seemed really amazing that another creature would care that much about its own species.”