The band's forthcoming album is made for just £6,000...

The White Stripes’ new album may become the most profitable in history after JACK and MEG spent just £6,000 recording it.

The duo spent less than a fortnight recording an estimated 20 tracks (of which 15 will probably appear on the album) at the lo-fi Toe Rag studios in east London. The total cost of recording will be around £4,000, but with hotel bills and living expenses taken into account, the total cost of the album is likely to come in comfortably below £6,000 – a fraction of the cost most bands spend.

Their current album ‘White Blood Cells’ has sold 750,000 copies to date, generating a gross revenue of approximately £9 million. With a higher profile and increased interest in the band, especially in the US, they are expected to make around £12 million from sales of 1 million, putting their £6,000 production cost in the shade.

Liam Watson, the owner/producer if the increasingly in demand Toe Rag studios, told NME.COM: “The whole album was done in two weeks with three days off for gigs. There’s more than an album’s worth of material, plus a couple of songs to choose from, plus a couple of B-sides, so it’s actually a lot. They’re pretty efficient.”

The White Stripes will return to Toe Rag in the coming days to complete work on the album. “Jack wants to redo a couple of vocals and he also wanted to remix a couple,” said Watson.