White Stripes fans react to band split

Give your verdict on Jack and Meg's decision to call it a day

The White Stripes‘ fans have been giving their reactions to the band announcing their split yesterday (February 2).

NME.COM users have been posting their thoughts at NME.COM/blogs – head there now to have your say.

User Kieran Brown described the band as “the best band of the past decade”, while user B wrote that the band were “something truly and unbelievably amazing and wild”.


Liam wrote: “RIP The White Stripes. They’ll be missed, although what they’ve left behind will always be treasured. They will never be replaced.”

SirPsychoSexy said they “cannot believe this news, I am totally and utterly shocked,” adding that the band will leave “an elephantine hole in the music scene today”.

Ben wrote: “I’m devastated by this news. I adore the band and the raw passion of Jack White. Every note he played on the guitar sent a tingle down my spine. RIP.”

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