Jack White: ‘White Stripes’ ‘Seven Nation Army’ nearly wasn’t released’

Frontman says their record label didn't want to issue the track

Jack White has revealed that The White Stripes‘Seven Nation Army’ was almost never released as a single.

The song, which is now the duo’s most recognisable track, had early opposition from the group’s record label XL Recordings, who didn’t want to release it.

“I can think back to when ‘Elephant’ [The White Stripes‘ 2003 album] came out,” White told XFM. “I wanted to put ‘Seven Nation Army’ out as a single. The label in England and the label in America both didn’t want to.”

He added: “They wanted to put ‘There’s No Home For You Here’ [out], can you imagine not putting ‘Seven Nation Army’ out as a single?”

Issued on seven-inch vinyl in 2003, the song went on to become a fan favourite and also charted at Number 14 in NME’s 100 Tracks of the Decade.

Meanwhile, Jack White is set to release ‘Sea Of Cowards’, his second album with The Dead Weather on May 7.