Early White Stripes single sells for $18,000 at auction

1998's 'Lafayette Blues' was the group's second single

An early single by The White Stripes has sold for $18,000 (£11,400) at auction.

The rare version of ‘Lafayette Blues’ was the band’s second single, and was released in 1998 through Italy Records.

Originally sold for $6 (£3.80) at Detroit‘s Gold Dollar venue, the artwork was hand-painted by Jack White and label boss Dave Buick.

Only 15 hand-painted copies were ever made and the version recently sold was painted by Buick, rather than White, reports Consequence Of Sound.

In 2003, a copy of the same single sold for $800 (£500). A year later, another went for $2,700 (£1,700).

Despite the rarity of the single, an even rarer collector’s item is still out there.

Before The White Stripes, White was an upholstering apprentice and he formed a band with co-worker Brian Muldoon called The Upholsterers. The duo went on to record an EP, 100 of which they hid inside furniture they were working on. As yet no one has reported to have found one.