The White Stripes debut tour documentary

Film debuts at Toronto film festival but is due for cinematic release

The White Stripes‘ tour documentary ‘Under Great White Northern Lights’ has debuted at the Toronto International Film Festival.

The film, which was directed by video director Emmett Malloy, chronicles Jack and Meg White‘s 2007 tour of Canada.

Capturing the duo’s gigs at several atypical venues including bowling alleys, boats and city buses, it also features the band’s 10th anniversary show at the Savoy Theater in Nova Scotia and their famous one-note show in Newfoundland


“The idea was there was this gigantic frontier right next to where we grew up in Detroit that is just so untouched by our band, let alone bands in general,” Jack White said.

During the film the duo eat raw caribou, meet tribal elders, walk along frozen tundra, don traditional kilts and even fire a canon.

“We were rolling into towns where a lot of people didn’t know who they were or what was going on. They just knew something big was going on in their small town and I think Jack and Meg knew that,” director Emmett Malloy told Rolling Stone.

The documentary is due for a cinematic release, though details have yet to be officially confirmed.