White Stripes make live return

It's for a farewell to an old friend

The White Stripes performed together last night (February 20) for the first time since autumn 2007 when they appeared on US talk show host Conan O’Brien’s final TV programme.

The duo, with Jack dressed all in black and Meg in a long white and pink smock dress, played classic track ‘We’re Going To Be Friends’, which appears on the duo’s 2001 album ‘White Blood Cells’.

Watch the performance by clicking on the video below.

It wasn’t a standard reading of the song. Meg strummed guitar and joined Jack on vocals in a slow-paced, mournful acoustic version.

In the final verse, Jack carried the song solo and at times appeared close to tears.

“I wasn’t sure this would happen,” said O’Brien, a long-time friend and fan of the band. “I’m personally very thrilled we could make it happen tonight. Please welcome our very good friends The White Stripes.”

The show was the last ever ‘Late Night With Conan O’Brien’. The host now moves now from New York to Los Angeles to take over The Tonight Show from Jay Leno .

In April 2003, The White Stripes performed a four-night residency on ‘Late Night..’.

The White Stripes cancelled a tour in September 2007 at the 11th hour when Meg was taken ill with what was described as “acute anxiety”. They later cancelled a UK tour set for November of that year.