The Who’s Roger Daltrey planning autobiography

Singer says the time is right to write his memoirs

The Who‘s frontman Roger Daltrey has announced plans to write an autobiography.

The singer, who is currently on the road in the USA for his ‘Use It Or Lose It’ solo tour, admitted he feels the time is now right to pen his life story.

“I’m thinking about a biography now,” he told “It’s probably time. Just the story of my life and the things I’ve done, you know, it’s kind of interesting.


“And when I look at the juxtapositions of things – you know, like being the singer in The Who to being a fish farmer, and being a film star to being a beef farmer, there’s all these swings and roundabouts in my life that are so juxtaposed.

“They were interesting times. And it wasn’t all fun, but there was an awful lot of fun. The only trouble is, the people usually want the salacious crap and I don’t know if I’m prepared to dig that, you know?”.

The Who‘s frontman also spoke about the band’s forthcoming Super Bowl half-time show next year.

Daltrey said although he loved the macho aspects of American football, it was no match for British rugby, which he said usually involved at least someone breaking something before the game is over.