The Who’s Pete Townshend branded ‘sex offender’ on Florida leaflets

Group Protect Our Children issue leaflets around Super Bowl

The Who‘s Pete Townshend is the subject of a series of leaflets branding him a “sex offender” in Florida.

The band are set to play the Super Bowl XLIV half time show in Maimi on February 7. Child protection organization has objected to Townshend appearing due to his 2003 arrest and police caution for accessing child pornography.

Now the Protect Our Children organization has mocked up warning leaflets targeting the arrival of the guitarist in the area, reports the New York Post.

“He [Townshend] will be at large in Miami on February 7 when he arrives to perform at the Super Bowl with his musical group known as The Who,” the leaflet reads. “He is not expected to establish residence in this country. This is a community notification distributed in the interest of public safety. Protect Our Children, Inc. is a charitable group not affiliated with law enforcement.”