The Who’s Roger Daltrey: ‘I’d love to make a Keith Moon biopic’

'I know what the film should look like,' Daltrey says

The Who‘s Roger Daltrey says he still wants to release a film about the band’s original drummer Keith Moon.

Although plans for a film about Moon, who died in 1978, have long been rumoured, Daltrey says he’s still looking for a suitable writer to do the story justice.

“The Keith Moon film depends on someone sitting me down long enough with a writer to get it right. If I sat down for six weeks with a good writer, I could get it done,” he told the Daily Star. “I’ve got it all in pictures in my head. I know what the film should look like, the way the narrative should be structured.”


Daltrey added that he has rejected previous scripts – including one rumoured to have been written for Mike Myers to play the part of Moon.

“Every time I’ve left a writer to it before now, they say, ‘OK, I see what you mean, I know what you want’, and then they go off on a complete tangent from what we’ve agreed because they don’t know what it feels like to be in a band.”

He continued: “That is one of the big problems with Keith‘s life – it needs to be written by someone who was there. It needs more time than I’ve been able to give it. But I’d love to have the time to do it justice with the right writer.”

Daltrey is set to perform with The Who tomorrow (March 30) as part of the Teenage Cancer Trust gigs, which he also curates.

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