Roger Daltrey: ”The Who Sell Out’ cover gave me pneumonia’

The singer says the Heinz baked bean-themed sleeve had a negative effect on his health

Roger Daltrey has revealed that The Who‘s iconic sleeve for their 1967 album ‘The Who Sell Out’ resulted in him getting pneumonia.

The sleeve features Daltrey sitting in a bath filed with Heinz baked beans, and guitarist Pete Townshend using a giant can of deodorant.

In an interview with BBC, Daltrey revealed that the industrial sized can of beans he had to sit in had been frozen before being used in the photoshoot.


“It’s just the way they arrived, these two huge army-sized tins,” he said.

“So to solve the problem, someone stuck an electric fire up my arse at the back of the tub. The back of me was cooking, and the front of me was freezing, and so I got pneumonia.”

Daltrey is once again curating the Teenage Cancer Trust gigs, which take place from March 24-29 and feature Kasabian, Stereophonics and Florence And The Machine.

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