The Who postpone tour dates with Roger Daltrey suffering from an ‘unspecified virus’

Shows in San Diego, Anaheim, Las Vegas and Los Angeles have been cancelled

The Who have postponed several dates of their 50th anniversary tour due to singer Roger Daltrey’s ill health.

As Billboard reports, the band have confirmed that four dates of the second leg of their North American tour have been called off. The shows in San Diego, Anaheim, Las Vegas and Los Angeles were set to take place later this month.

A press statement cites the reason for the cancellation as an “unspecified virus”. The rescheduled shows will be announced in due course.

The Who’s current tour is expected to be their last, with guitarist Pete Townshend recently stating that the group will disband during 2015.

“I think I will stop after this year. When this tour is over, we’ll probably both go our separate ways,” Townshend previously told Mojo. “So it’s to demonstrate that even this particular gang can grow old – not necessarily gracefully, but can grow old ungracefully, or whatever it is that we’re doing.”


Townshend added, “I think Roger and I will do odd things together. I hope that one day I can write him an album of songs that suit him and the record company won’t demand that we call it the fucking Who, but I’ve got a bad feeling about it.”

“I think that if I wrote Roger a bunch of good songs, our manager would say, ‘Why not call it The Who? We’ll sell double as many records!’”

The Who headlined Glastonbury Festival earlier this year, as well as playing a headline show at London’s Hyde Park.