The Who unveil full details of new album

It's their first in 24 years

The Who’s first album in 24 years will be released next month.

‘Endless Wire’, the belated-follow up to 1982’s ‘It’s Hard’, is out on October 31. The album features extended versions of the various sections that formed the ‘Wire & Glass’ mini-opera, which was released earlier this year.

According to the band’s official website, the record will also explore other themes from guitarist Pete Townshend‘s novella ‘The Boy Who Heard Music’.


The website also states that the opening track, ‘Fragments’, “utilises the pioneering Method music software developed by Pete in conjunction with mathematician/composer Lawrence Ball and software-designer Dave Snowdon”.

The tracklisting is:


‘Man In A Purple Dress’

‘Mike Post Theme’

‘In The Ether’


‘Black Widow Eyes’

‘Two Thousand Years’

‘God Speaks To Marty Robbins’

‘It’s Not Enough’

‘You Stand By Me’

‘Sound Round’

‘Pick Up The Peace’

‘Unholy Trinity’

‘Trilby’s Piano’

‘Out On The Endless Wire’

‘Fragments Of Fragments’

‘We Got A Hit’

‘They Made My Dreams Come True’

‘Mirror Door’

‘Tea & Theatre’

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