The Who frontman attacks Live Earth gigs

Environmental gigs will pollute world declares Roger Daltrey

The Who frontman Roger Daltrey has slammed the upcoming Live Earth concert as being un-environmental.

The concert,s being organised by former US vice-president Al Gore, will take place in city’s across the globe on July 7 and feature the likes of Madonna and Foo Fighters.

However the singer believes the shows are undermining their own aims of raising awareness about climate change.

“Bollocks to that! The last thing the planet needs is a rock concert,” he told The Sun. “I can’t believe it. Let’s burn even more fuel. We have problems with global warming, but the questions and the answers are so huge I don’t know what a rock concert’s ever going to do to help.”

However the star – who claimed the gigs are pointless as most of the planet were aware of global warming issues – did offer a novel solution of his own to the world’s environmental woes.

“My answer is to burn all the fucking oil as quick as possible and then the politicians will have to find a solution,” he declared.

The worldwide shows have also being criticised by Live8 organiser Bob Geldof – however, Daltrey was also critical of that event, even though his band played the London leg.

“What did we really achieve at Live8? We got loads of platitudes and no action. Who were we kidding there?” he asked. “At least with (original event) Live Aid, Bob Geldof was willing to work the trenches and they did save a lot of lives. We could see what we achieved at the end of it.”