The Who star appears in a new three-part series which follows a police Child Protection Team...

THE WHO‘s PETE TOWNSHEND is to feature in a new documentary which will show the guitarist being questioned by police following his arrest for viewing child pornography.

The footage shows Townshend being interviewed by police in London’s Twickenham police station, and makes up the first in a three-part series – ‘Police Protecting Children’ – a film following the Child Protection Team for 18 months.

Producer Bob Long said: “It’s a big leveller… In a way I wish we hadn’t filmed Townshend, because he takes away from the real pornographers.”

He added: “But he serves as a cautionary tale – don’t be tempted to look at child porn because your life might be ruined.”

Long told The Independent on Sunday: “His lawyers would have given anything for the documentary not to happen. But they took no legal action, I think because they would have lost.”

The co-founder of The Who was arrested in January as a part of Operation Ore, the nationwide crackdown on child pornography.

Police said after a four-month investigation, that the 58-year-old guitarist had visited a website containing child pornography, but had not downloaded any of the images.

Townshend admitted to viewing child pornography, but said he was carrying out research for a future book about child abuse.

Following the investigation, the guitarist was formally cautioned and his name was placed on the Sex Offenders Register for five years.