The series has in the past featured unreleased Who material...

THE WHO guitarist PETE TOWNSHEND has completed work on the third ‘SCOOP’ compilation of rarities.

According to a posting on Townshend’s official website, [url=], the record, which will be a 2CD compilation, is now being mastered.

The guitarist claims that the album, which has no set release date as yet, is: “a really surprising and delightful collection of tracks from the huge number of pieces” and contains “a lot of new music from the last ten years”.

‘Scoop’ is an occasional series of rare tracks compiled by Townshend, and in the past has featured demos of Who material.

As previously revealed on NME.COM, The Who would like to perform live in the UK this Christmas.

Speaking last month (May 24), singer Roger Daltrey said the band were considering a tour of Europe later in the year, probably starting in September, with the possibility of UK shows as part of that.

He said: “I’m writing songs, The Who are going out on tour in the autumn. We toured the US and England last year and we’re going to do some charity work, and hopefully make a new album.”

When pressed on whether the tour would include the UK, he replied: “We might do something at Christmas, we did England last year, but I’d like to do something at Christmas, just because it’s home.”