Coroner Ron Flud rules the death accidental, but not due to overdose...

The Who‘s bass player JOHN ENTWISTLE died from a heart attack caused by cocaine use, according to a LAS VEGAS coroner.

Coroner Ron Flud ruled that 57-year-old Entwistle’s death was accidental, but said it was not an overdose. The bassist was found in his bed at the Hard Rock Hotel on June 27. At the time, he was due to tour the US with The Who.

Flud said: “The heart attack we believe was brought on by the significant amount of cocaine that was in Entwistle’s system at the time, although the specific amount remains unknown.


“Cocaine is a different animal. It’s not like alcohol. There’s no way we can put a number on it. You’ve got a lethal drug on board at the time you have a bad heart; that’s a bad combination.”

The cocaine caused a contraction of the bass player’s coronary arteries that were already damaged by heart disease, the coroner said.

It is believed that Entwistle, a co-founder of The Who, was on medication for a heart condition. When he died, he was due to begin a three-month tour with the band the next day at the Hard Rock Hotel’s concert hall.

Clark County District Attorney Stewart Bell said no criminal charges were anticipated in connection with the cocaine Entwistle took.


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