Roger Daltrey likes the idea of the 'Austin Powers' maestro playing his late bandmate...

‘AUSTIN POWERS’ and ‘WAYNE’S WORLD’ star MIKE MYERS is reportedly in talks to play KEITH MOON in a film about the legendary drummer with THE WHO.

Myers told the Associated Press that he has held discussions with The Who singer Roger Daltrey to play the role of the tragic musician, who died in 1978 of a drug overdose.

He said: “I have talked to Roger Daltrey about the possibility of a film. I think Keith Moon was a fascinating character.”


Daltrey added: “Mike is a genius. I can really see him as Keith. He’s amazing when you meet him, so clever.”

The Who are currently touring in the US. The tour had a shadow cast across it by the death of bassist John Entwistle, who was found in a Las Vegas hotel room last month.