Specialists had feared another US jaunt would kill John Entwistle...

The late WHO bassist JOHN ENTWISTLE precipitated his own death, ignoring warnings from doctors who feared another tour with the band would kill him.

He was urged not to fly to the US to begin the band’s reunion tour, but chose not to listen, according to reports.

The New York Post claims the bassist’s girlfriend Lisa Pritchard-Johnson said doctors had several concerns over Entwistle’s health, including high blood pressure. Despite these, he flew to Las Vegas where he was found dead in his hotel bed on June 27, on the eve of the band’s three-month tour.

Oasis have become the latest in a long line of contemporary acts to pay tribute to The Ox, dedicating their show closing cover of ‘My Generation’ – from Friday’s (July 5) first of three Finsbury Park shows – to him.