First The Who studio album for 20 years - or perhaps not...

THE WHO‘s PETE TOWNSHEND has said he plans to record with ROGER DALTREY again – but is unsure about the band’s future.

The Who have spent part of this year on the road, a tour that started only days after the death of bassist John Entwistle in Las Vegas. He was in the US, preparing for the start of the gigs.

Writing on his official website, Townshend said that Daltrey is “upbeat and energetic about the future”, but equally was “worried he may be unable for various reasons to sing my songs for very much longer”.

However, he said that the pair intend to “attempt to write some music together” in the UK.

He said: “I do not want to write with Roger so we can pass ourselves off as a ‘new’ Who. I want to see whether we can write together, and if he and I have anything we can say together, that we could not say separately.

“I am not shying away from the usual division of labour – Roger is more of a singer than a writer, and I am claiming to be a more of a writer than a performer. What I am shying away from is trying to pick up The Who recording legacy where it was dropped in 1976. Whether we call an album a Who album is not the point. We can call it what we like. It is how we approach it that matters.”

The Who have not worked on a new studio album in 20 years.