Roger Daltrey insists Pete Townshend is the victim of a "witchhunt"...

The Who

frontman ROGER DALTREY has made a vigorous defence of bandmate PETE TOWNSHEND who he claims is the victim of a “witch-hunt” over an investigation into accessing child porn.

Townshend was arrested last month as part of the Operation Ore investigation into accessing child porn on the Internet.

The star has admitted using his credit card to access images but said they were for “research” for a book he was writing.

“What I find so unfair is that it has become a witchhunt and, because it is subjudice, he is not allowed to defend himself,” said Daltrey. “I think he is telling the truth. I think the morality of the whole thing is very questionable as far as our society goes because he has been exposed and accused of doing something, something he has admitted to doing for certain reasons.”

Townshend claims he paid to access child porn in order to come terms with abuse he suffered as a child and to help him with a book he is writing dealing with abuse.

“From what I can gather, 98% to 99% of people do believe him and I don’t think he is going to let them down,” added Daltrey. “Now if he can substantiate those reasons, then the least the police and our society owes him is to make this a priority and to get his case dealt with as quickly as possible.”

Daltrey added that the guitar legend was “fine”.

He added; “He’s just frustrated that they’ve taken his computers with all his music on it and because he is such a low priority on this thing.”