The star says he has evidence to verify his complaints to online watchdogs about websites aimed at paedophiles...

WHO guitarist PETE TOWNSHEND says he has the evidence to clear his name on allegations of child porn offences.

The rocker was arrested and released on bail by police in London earlier this month. His house was searched and computer equipment seized, but Townshend has so far not been charged with any offences.

In a posting on his official website, [url=], the star reveals that he has email evidence to verify that he has previously been in touch with the Internet Watch Foundation, an online watchdog, to complain about websites with material aimed at paedophiles.

The IWF had previously denied having spoken to Townshend, and they have now been asked to explain their comments, which may help the troubled songwriter to clear his name.

In his posting, Townshend explained: “You may recall that among the media frenzy of a couple of weeks ago, representatives of the Internet Watch Foundation told the press and the news stations that they had never heard from me.

“I, of course, know that I did communicate with them several times last year and they have now supplied to us copies of my e-mails to them, one in August and the rest in November.

“My lawyers have written to the founder of the IWF, Mark Stephens, who was adamant that they had never heard from me, asking for an explanation.”