The star is happy to get his "juices flowing" with his old mates...

PETE TOWNSHEND is “open-minded, positive and determined” to complete a new album by THE WHO.

The band are currently in the studio recording demos prior to a US tour that starts next month.

Speaking to the US website CDNOW, Townshend said that the band have been working on demos, and hope to expand them into a brand new album.

He commented: “When (the) demos are made, we will make a record. I’m not optimistic, but I’m open-minded, positive and determined not to get in the way! I am anxious in fact to help Roger (Daltrey) get some songs done.”

He added that working on other projects, such as poetry helps him to get his “juices flowing”.

He continued: “I think recently I’ve noticed that what happens when I write prose or poetry is that it starts the juices flowing, but it also shines a light on what is going on inside me. Sometimes, that light needs a better focus. A song is often the best way to tighten up an idea.”