Strangely, no one has chosen to cover 'Squeeze Box'...

DAVID BOWIE, PEARL JAM, STEREOPHONICS and PAUL WELLER have all confirmed they are to feature on a forthcoming tribute album to THE WHO.

The album, titled ‘Substitute – The Songs Of The Who’, is released on May 28 via Edel. Each band has covered a classic Who song on the 11-track record, which also features a CDROM video recording of ‘Substitute’ from the band’s recent show at the London Royal Albert Hall, which featured Kelly Jones on vocals.

Speaking about the album, Who founder Pete Townshend said: “About a year ago, Bobby Pridden, who has worked as our sound man for about 35 years, came and asked me if he could put together a tribute album to The Who. Since then I’ve left him to it and I’m amazed and flattered at the number of great artists he’s managed to involve.”

The confirmed tracklisting is:

Cast – ‘The Seeker’

Ocean Colour Scene – ‘Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere’

Paul Weller – ‘Circles’

David Bowie – ‘Pictures Of Lily’

Pearl Jam – ‘The Kids Are Alright’ (live)

Fastball – ‘The Real Me’

Unamerican – ‘Naked Eye’

Stereophonics – ‘Who Are You’

Phish – ‘5.15’

Sheryl Crow – ‘Behind Blue Eyes’

The Who & Kelly Jones – ‘Substitute’ (live at the Albert Hall)