Pete Townshend: ‘I don’t find The Who’s shows fulfilling – but I’m brilliant at it’

The guitarist reveals that he finds shows with the band too "easy"

The Who guitarist Pete Townshend has revealed that he’s not “particularly excited” about heading on tour with the group.

The band kick off a North American tour at the start of May before two London shows at Hyde Park and the Royal Albert Hall later in the summer. However, Townshend has discussed in the latest issue of Uncut how he finds the shows too “easy”.

“The shows? I don’t like them,” Townshend said. “I don’t find them fulfilling. But I’m brilliant at it. I find it incredibly easy. I drift through it.”

“I get out the other end and the next day, somebody comes up to me and says, ‘You were fucking amazing yesterday!’ It’s like being able to make a pair of shoes and knowing that you’ve got to a point that whenever you make a pair of shoes for somebody they’re going to last them for life. I don’t get particularly excited about it, but I do find it easy.”

Townshend will be honoured for his charity work with a Stevie Ray Vaughan Award next month. The guitarist will be presented the award by Bruce Springsteen at a special benefit concert in New York on May 28. Townshend will also perform live at the event, with Joan Jett, Billy Idol and Foreigner’s Mick Jones also set to appear. Townshend has been a drug addiction recovery activist since the 1980s, particularly supporting the MusiCares MAP Fund.

Meanwhile, Tho Who singer Roger Daltrey recently claimed that Townshend wants the group to record another album. The band released their last studio album ‘Endless Wire’ in 2006.

Daltrey told Rolling Stone: “He’s just talking about it. I’ve heard a couple of tracks, which are great. There are loads of things we can do in the future, but we can’t keep doing this sort of tour. This bit of our career is closed, but maybe two more doors open up. Pete is an incredibly vibrant musician. I could see us playing acoustically in some ways.”