The Who’s Roger Daltrey blasts forthcoming ‘Quadrophenia’ reboot again

'To Be Someone' is set 35 years after the original film

The Who frontman Roger Daltrey has again blasted the forthcoming Quadrophenia reboot.

Reports emerged earlier this year that a new film, To Be Someone, would be made and set 35 years after the original Quadrophenia. It is apparently set to star several of the original cast, including Phil Daniels.

But, in a strongly-worded statement at the time, The Who and their manager Bill Curbishley denied any involvement in the project. The statement said: “As far as the group and original producer Bill Curbishley are concerned, the new film is a blatant attempt to cash in on the original film’s enduring popularity.”

Ray Burdis the director and writer of the film has since defended the project insisting it was not a sequel and was based on the novel by Peter Meadows, which says it’s “inspired by” Quadrophenia.

Burdis told NME: “I totally agree that Quadrophenia is a classic, iconic film that should never be revisited. If The Who management had actually read the script of To Be Someone, they would have realised it is not an attempt at a Quadrophenia sequel but a stand-alone film based on modern day Mod culture. It’s a feel good, fun, fashion and music extravaganza.”

Despite his comments, Daltrey still remains defiantly against the project.

He told The Daily Mirror: “It’s just someone fishing to make some money. It becomes a nonsense. The whole point of Quadrophenia was that it was a moment in time captured in a film.

“That moment in time is gone. It doesn’t matter what those characters are doing now. It was about what we all went through at that age.”

Burdis did previously admit that he had hoped to cast Daltrey in his film. He said: “I’m sorry that The Who’s management feel affronted, as I would have loved Roger Daltrey to play a role, but there you go.”