The Who singer Roger Daltrey says the internet has harmed music

The Who won’t put out unreleased music as ‘I’ve got other things to waste my money on’

The Who singer Roger Daltrey has said the band won’t put out any unreleased music because the internet means it would be an exercise in losing money.

Daltrey has attacked the internet’s effect on the music industry, calling it “The biggest robbery in history.”

Speaking ahead of The Who’s headline appearance at Isle Of Wight Festival, Daltrey said: “The internet makes it look like musicians should work for nothing. Musicians are getting robbed every day. The internet is a slowly but surely destructive thing. I don’t think it’s improved people’s lives. It’s just made them do more work and feel like they’re wanted a bit more, but it’s all bollocks.”

Daltrey added that the internet made it unlikely that The Who would issue any unreleased music. He told Rolling Stone: “There’s no royalties, so I can’t see that ever happening. There’s no record business. How do you get the money to make the records? I’m certainly not going to pay money to give my music away for free. I can’t afford to do that. I’ve got other things I could waste the money on.”

Despite his frustration, Daltrey said that he has been working on his first solo album since 1992’s ‘Rocks In The Head’. He said: “I’ve got five great tracks and I’m looking for another five. I started off as a soul singer, but I’ve never done a soul album. I’m playing some stuff like that, and I’ve got ranges in my voice that people have never, ever heard.”

Daltrey, whose bandmate Pete Townshend released his autobiography Who I Am in 2012, said he is writing his own memoir. But he added: “I’ll only release it if it’s a good book. I don’t care how long it takes.”