The Who’s Pete Townshend writes song for US TV show The Americans

The guitarist will soundtrack a scene of "sex and murder"

The Who‘s Pete Townshend has written a song for US TV show The Americans, according to Billboard.

The track, titled ‘It Must Be Done’, is the first original song the guitarist has composed for a TV programme. The Americans is broadcast on the FX channel and follows two Soviet KGB officers posing as a married American couple in the suburbs of Washington DC. Townshend’s song was initially intended to soundtrack a scene during which a car is followed but producers decided it didn’t fit after the scene was edited. It will now appear during a scene described as “sex and murder”.

Speaking to Billboard about composing the track, Townshend said: “I wanted to keep it very simple. Here’s this couple whose whole life is about duty, duty without honor, duty without explanation. There are no accolades.They’re not living a lie but doing things they find hard to do. Everybody has a part of their life that’s difficult to explain. For me it’s why the fuck am I in The Who?”

Elsewhere, two different versions of Townshend’s ‘Let My Love Open The Door’ will feature on the first episode in the new series of Californication. LA producer Philip Stier’s remix will open the programme while the guitarist’s 1980 original will end it.