Pete Townshend: ‘I lost two days worth of memory after Roger Daltrey knocked me out’

Guitarist reveals his bandmate packs a mighty right hook

The Who‘s Pete Townshend has revealed that he once lost two days worth of memory after his bandmate Roger Daltrey knocked him out.

The guitarist, who is currently promoting the re-release of the band’s classic album ‘Quadrophenia’, which comes out on November 14, revealed that Daltrey knocked him out cold during the fraught recording sessions for the album.

Speaking to The Times, Townshend said that tensions boiled over when he tried to order Daltrey to remain in the studio when he wanted to leave during the mixing sessions for the album.


Townshend said: “I walked into the studio, having not slept for two days after doing the final mixes. I had been in my big Mercedes limousine drinking brandy. Roger was in the studio, having waited for me for the last five hours. ‘We’ve done it’ I shouted at him. ‘Yeah? Well I’ve been here since one o’clock and I’m going’. ‘You can’t fucking go,’ I said. He pushed me out the way, I spat at him, and I got knocked out.”

He continued: “When I came round an hour later my memory was gone for two days. He’s a one-punch man, Roger.”

Townshend said earlier this week that he believes ‘Quadrophenia’ was the last great album by The Who.

He said during a Q&A with fans: “I would say we only made three landmark records. ‘Tommy’, ‘Who’s Next’ and ‘Quadrophenia’. I’ve always felt that ‘Quadrophenia’ was the last definitive Who album. I’ve always regarded it as a very ambitious album, but what got away was the story.”

He continued: “To me, it felt to me like it was the end. The reason I’ve spent so much time working on this new edition is because it’s an epochal record, the last great album by The Who.”