The Who’s Roger Daltrey: ‘We don’t know if we’ll ever play again after current tour’

Veteran rockers are due to perform a residency in Las Vegas in the summer

The Who frontman Roger Daltrey has admitted that the band may never tour again after their current run of dates comes to an end.

The rock veterans have been touring extensively over the last two years and their final run of dates will see them hold a residency in Las Vegas before hitting the road for a handful of dates in the US in the summer.

When asked if they will do any shows after their current tour Daltrey told NME: “We seriously don’t know if we’ll ever play again after this tour. People at our age have been popping their clogs [over the last year] so let’s just get real here, where we are in our lives.


“We’re doing remarkably well for where we are but we just don’t know. If we get through this year, we’re gonna need some time off. We’ll re-think it after that.

“Obviously as a singer  I’ve got to keep working if I want to keep singing because that’s how voices work. If I stop singing now for a year, it’ll be all over.”


The veteran rockers will perform at Caesars Palace in Vegas from July 29 up until August 11 for a run of six shows.

The Who are the first rock band to play at at Caesars Palace since the concert venue opened in 2003

“We thought why not give it a try,” Daltrey said of the Vegas dates. “We’re not tired of playing, we’re not tired of getting on that stage, we love it but we’re tired of the scheduling, the time changes and the different hotels, the different beds, the ‘Where the fuck am I?’ in the middle of the night. I’ve had 53 years of that.”


He added: “It’s early days but we’re thinking about the set. We’ve got so much material we could do the hits one night, we could do ‘Tommy’ the next night and ‘Quadrophenia’ the next but whether that’ll work at this stage I ain’t got a clue. Of those which one is gonna put the bums on seats? I don’t know. It’s a bit tricky isn’t it?

“It’s a good problem to have but it’s also a fucking headache.”

Daltrey also recently revealed that in a few years he’s hoping to ‘hand over the reigns’ of booking Teenage Cancer Trust gigs to ‘one of the younger mob’ – and he’s considering Noel Gallagher.

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