The Wombats at V: ‘We don’t want the gap between albums to be as long’

Matthew Murphy also tells NME about the band's experience at Pukkelpop

The Wombats have said that they’ll be looking to record the follow-up to their second album ‘This Modern Glitch’ in the autumn of 2012 and are keen to avoid the long gap that occured between their new LP and their 2007 debut with their third record.

Speaking to NME backstage at V Festival this evening (August 21), frontman Matthew Murphy said:

I don’t want to leave it as long this time round. We’ll be touring right up until the end of the festivals next summer, but after that we’ll try and put something together. Saying that though, I want to it to be good, so if it’s 2045 or 2013, so be it.

Murphy also spoke about the band’s experience at Pukkelpop on Thursday (August 18) when torrential storms hit the Belgian festival and caused the death of five people. The band had played earlier in the day, but were still on site when the storm hit the festival.


He said:

Pukkelpop was the worst one we’ve done. Although our show was amazing, what happened just overshadowed it all. I was in catering and our drummer Dan was about to watch Miles Kane and he had to hide in this metal container. I was sitting there and I initially said ‘What’s all the fuss about? I’ve played golf in worse than this’ and then these hailstones started coming down, they were the size of golf balls.

He continued:

We stuck around and I went for a walk around the site and it was just horrible. There were people with welts on their backs from the hail and there were trees on the ground everywhere. It certainly put Glastonbury in perspective, that was a walk in the park in comparison.

Murphy also spoke about the band’s forthcoming UK tour, which is their biggest yet. Asked if they had anything special planned, he replied: “We’ve got lasers. They’re really expensive, but they’re amazing. We’ve got some cool visuals too, it’s going to be great.”

Earlier in the day the band had played an extremely well attended on the festival’s 4music stage.

The band played six tracks from their second LP, including recent single ‘Anti D’, as well as three songs from their 2007 debut ‘A Guide To Love, Loss And Desperation’.

Matthew Murphy joked with the crowd throughout the set and even apologised that the trio were “not as sexy as Rihanna.”


The Wombats played:

‘Our Perfect Disease’
‘Kill The Director’
‘Jump Into The Fog’
‘Techno Fan’
‘Moving To New York’
‘Toyko (Vampires And Wolves)’
‘Let’s Dance To Joy Division’

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