The Wombats: ‘We played a song about a whore to Sir Paul McCartney’

Liverpool band speak about one-on-one music sessions with the former Beatle

The Wombats have spoken about their meetings with Sir Paul McCartney, who gave advice to the rising band at the Liverpool Institute of Contemporary Arts.

The band cut their musical teeth at the Institute, of which the former Beatle is a patron, before they signed a record deal.

The Wombats’ lead singer Matthew Murphy explained to The Sun how he once had a music lesson with McCartney.

“I had a one-on-one – he didn’t really say anything,” he said. “He just offered advice for an up-and-coming songwriter. He was a nice, down-to-earth person.

Murphy also revealed that he played the song, ‘Patricia The Stripper’, to McCartney. “I did play that song to Sir Paul,” he admitted. “I said stupidly, ‘This song’s about falling in love with a whore.’ His reply was, ‘Hhm-mmmm’.”

Drummer Dan Haggis went on to reveal that McCartney showed his humorous side by offering fashion advice, with specific reference to Haggis’ eyebrow piercing. “He suggested I get a screwdriver to remove it,” Haggis explained.