The Wombats’ Matt Murphy is starting a new band

He's already got 20 songs for the new project

The Wombats frontman Matt Murphy has revealed details of a new band, adding that he’s already penned 20 songs for the project.

Speaking in a new interview with NME, the project is yet to have a name but Murphy says he’s excited to ‘see where it goes’. “It would be nice to say it when it’s all finalised and ready, but I’ve got 20 songs and it’s gonna be a new band,” he said.

“There were some songs left over from [The Wombats’ new album] that we didn’t use and I was like, ‘They’re really good, they should see the light of day somehow.’ But since then there’s been a load more and they’ve been parked, but we’ll see what happens.”


Murphy also revealed that The Wombats will be heading into the studio for their fifth album “early next year”. While he didn’t specify the direction of the new record, he did talk about the writing process.

“There’s something about the way this new one sounds,” he explained. “I enjoyed making an organic album that wasn’t at the whim of production wizardry or head-fucking yourself with synthesisers for weeks on end. I just liked making great songs and doing them in this guitar-y world, and I feel like that’s the path we should be going down rather than anything else. But I don’t know, it could be a country album for all I know at this moment.”

Earlier this year, Murph commented on surviving the indie music scene, adding that he didn’t believe ‘guitar music was dead at all’.

“It feels like a really exciting time to be in a guitar band”, he continued. “I mean, obviously it’s not dominating the scene or charts or whatever but yeah I wouldn’t say it’s dead or dying. I feel like we’re in the middle of some weird storm at the moment.”