The TV comic joins the band onstage at their London reunion show to sing their Number One hit - badly...

THE WONDER STUFF were joined onstage by comedian and TV presenter VIC REEVES for a version of their Number One hit ‘DIZZY’ at the first of five sold-out comeback shows at LONDON KENTISH TOWN FORUM last night (December 12).

Reeves joined the band during the first of their two encores, but had clearly forgotten the words to the song he and the group took to the top of the UK charts in 1991, and the performance of the song ended in chaos, much to the amusement of the capacity crowd.

When Stuffies frontman Miles Hunt asked the fans if they enjoyed the surprise treat, they responded with a unanimous and feverish ‘yes’.


The Wonder Stuff’s first London show in seven years saw the band intersperse top 20 hits such as ‘The Size Of A Cow’ ‘Circlesquare’ and ‘Don’t Let Me Down, Gently’ with popular album tracks like ‘Cartoon Boyfriend’, ‘Ruby Horse’ and ‘Mission Drive’. When Hunt found himself continually plagued with requests for old favourites, he responded in typically acerbic style by saying, “I know it’s been six years, but the rules are the same. We pick the fucking setlist, OK?”

Hunt, now sporting a shaven head rather than the curly long locks that were his trademark in the early ’90s, also took a swipe at Radiohead – “We were gonna go and make an album of electronic instrumentals, but they beat us to it” – and a certain weekly music magazine – “It’s great – we can do what we want without having to worry about getting in the fucking NME”.

The full set was:

‘Red Berry Joy Town’

‘Here Comes Everyone’

‘On The Ropes’


‘Cartoon Boyfriend’


‘Mission Drive’

‘Golden Green’

‘Welcome To The Cheap Seats’

‘The Size Of A Cow’

‘Sleep Alone’




‘Caught In My Shadow’

‘Full Of Life (Happy Now)’

‘Radio Ass Kiss’

‘Who Wants To Be The Disco King?’

‘Ten Trenches Deep’

‘Sing The Absurd’


‘A Wish Away’

‘Ruby Horse’

‘Don’t Let Me Down, Gently’


‘Song Without An End’

‘Good Night Though’

The Wonder Stuff play another four nights at the venue this week, starting tonight (December 13-16). They intend to play a completely different set each night. All shows are sold out.

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