The kids from ‘The Wonder Years’ reunite

No, that's not Marilyn Manson

As the show approaches its 26th anniversary, this week saw the cast of The Wonder Years reunite for a lunch.

The photo was shared by actor Danica McKellar, who used to play Winnie Cooper in the hit series. Together, she took a selfie alongside  co-stars Fred Savage (who played Kevin Arnold) and and Josh Saviano (who played Paul Pfeiffer).

“I got to see these guys for lunch yesterday – it was so much fun to catch up and hear how their beautiful families are doing!” she wrote. “And yes, Josh Saviano, I totally agree – *you guys* are like family… I mean, we DID grow up together, after all.”


Since the programme aired, McKenna has continued to act as well as becoming a best-selling mathematics writer and education advocate. Savage’s recent credits include Bob’s Burgers, Robot Chicken, BoJack Horseman, Super Troopers 2 and Once Upon a Deadpool, while Saviano works as a a lawyer. However, his true identity was often the stuff of urban legend and confused with Marilyn Manson.

Was Marilyn Manson in The Wonder Years?

In the early to mid ’90s a rumour started to spread online that it was in fact Marilyn Manson who played Paul Pfieffer in the show.

“I think actually it was one of the very first Internet rumours, because it was 1994,” Manson told Yahoo in 2013.

“The Internet was just sort of becoming mainstream, particularly on college campuses. It was just perfect timing and the perfect storm.”