The xx on new album: ‘We’re feeling inspired and ready to go’

Band reveal they have 'just begun' work on the follow-up to last year's 'Coexist'

The xx have revealed they have “just begun” their new album and are “feeling inspired and ready to go”.

Tomorrow (September 5) will be exactly one year since the release of their second album ‘Coexist’ and the band are still touring in support of it, beginning a six-date tour of North America on September 20, before heading to South America and playing a show on New Year’s Eve in Mexico.

“We don’t find it easy as a band to write on tour, so we haven’t got much done yet with new songs because we’ve been touring ‘Coexist’ so much. We’re looking forward to having time off to be creative again,” singer Romy Madley Croft told NME. “But we’re definitely feeling inspired and ready to go. We played a lot of big stages on tour in the past year, and that’s something I’m sure will come through in the next album.”


Madley Croft also revealed that the band has yet to start writing lyrics for the album but added: “We’ve all lived a lot of life recently, which the new songs will reflect.”

The xx collected the “Difficult” Second Album prize at last night’s AIM Awards and admitted they were initially unsure how to feel about the accolade. “We really weren’t sure at first if this prize was a good or a bad thing, but it’s nice to receive recognition for the album and we’re flattered,” she said. “But we’re definitely pleased to have got past the idea of all second albums being ‘difficult’ and to come out the other side of that attention.”

Bandmate Jamie Smith added: “‘Coexist’ was difficult to make at times, but our first album was just as difficult too. All albums are difficult to make, and I’m sure the next one will be as well.” He also said of the band’s creative process: “We learned so much from making ‘Coexist’. The first album was basically just us putting together everything we’d released at that point, and we had more control in how we wanted an album to sound overall on ‘Coexist’. That’s something we’ll try again, however the new one ends up sounding.”


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