The xx: ‘It’s nice not feeling cripplingly shy’

Romy Madley Croft says the London trio have grown more confident

The xx have said they’ve grown more confident since the release of their debut album ‘xx’ in 2009.

Speaking to The Vine, Romy Madley Croft said that the success of the band’s debut album forced them not to be shy anymore.

“I think we’ve grown up a bit more”, she said. “I think we know a bit more about what we’re doing. Before we were diving head first, going everywhere, it was very overwhelming. I mean it still is, but I think we’ve gained confidence, which is probably the thing that we all value the most from everything. Being forced in front of people to talk, and being put on a stage, you have to kind of… we’ve grown into it a bit more…It’s nice not feeling cripplingly shy.”


The band’s second album ‘Coexist’ is due for release on September 10. Earlier this month (July 16), the band unveiled the first single from the record – titled ‘Angels’. Scroll down to listen to it.

Speaking about the album, Madley Croft said that the sound isn’t a great deviation from their debut: “I think it still sounds like us. It still sounds recognisable, but we’ve all had more experiences, been around the world a few times, kind of experienced lots of different types of music. There’s a few more influences,” she said, adding: “We all got a bit more into house music. That combination of dance music that’s quite sad, but people dance to it. I’ve always loved that contradiction.”

The album tracklisting is:

‘Swept Away’
‘Our Song’