The xx reportedly sample Drake on new song

'Naive' thought to sample rapper's 'Doing It Wrong' from 'Take Care'

The xx reportedly sample Drake on a song from the deluxe edition of their upcoming new album ‘I See You’.

The band release third LP ‘I See You’ on January 13, with the song ‘Naive’ listed for its deluxe vinyl release.

Stereogum reports that the writing credits for ‘Naive’ lists Drake. It is thought that the track samples ‘Doing It Wrong’ from his 2011 album ‘Take Care’.


‘Doing It Wrong’ in turn samples Don McLean’s ‘The Wrong Thing To Do’, with McLean also credited on The xx’s ‘Naive’.

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Drake has previously linked up with xx drummer Jamie xx in the past, with his song ‘Take Care’ sampling Jamie xx’s collaboration of the same name with Gil Scott-Heron.

Listen to Drake’s ‘Doing It Wrong’ below.

The xx’s recent single ‘On Hold’ samples Hall and Oates’ 1981 track ‘I Can’t Go for That (No Can Do).’

Daryl Hall later commented on the band’s use of his work, telling Genius; “It’s always interesting to hear what somebody does with my songs. After a song is written, it belongs to the world and can be interpreted anyway they want. As long as I get paid, of course. Have fun and pay me.”


Singer Romy Madley Croft recently announced her engagement to girlfriend, designer and artist Hannah Marshall. “Last night, a very special person asked me a very beautiful question,” Croft wrote on Instagram in the caption of a photo of her and Marshall kissing. “I said yes!”

This comes after fellow xx member Oli Sim recently spoke out about his battle with alcoholism – when he found himself “reaching an age where being the drunkest person in the room isn’t charming anymore”.

He continued: “I was going out a lot with the excuse that I was celebrating—‘celebrating’—the past few years. Just fighting the idea of becoming an adult. Some friends had started to mellow a bit, and I didn’t want to. And with alcohol, like a lot of things, it’s all or nothing for me, so right now it’s just nothing.”

Sim added: “I was the last person to think that I wasn’t drinking… successfully. Everyone had voiced their opinions. But the problem was that I was, I suppose, distancing myself, so I thought, ‘How would they know?’ That’s real telltale. Romy and Jamie confronting me independently was… the last straw. The fact that I wasn’t being creative hit harder—and kidding myself that I felt more creative with a drink in me.”

Watch MØ talk about wanting to work with Jamie xx below:

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