The xx say they try ‘completely new things’ and get out of their ‘comfort zone’ on third album

Band release new record 'I See You' in January 2017

The xx have spoken about their upcoming third album ‘I See You’ in a new interview.

Earlier today (November 10), the band shared new song ‘On Hold’. Their record will be released on January 13, 2017 via Young Turks, following previous albums, ‘xx’ and ‘Coexist’.

‘I See You’ was recorded between March 2014 and August 2016 in New York, Texas, Reykjavik, Los Angeles and London and produced by the band’s Jamie Smith, plus Rodaidh McDonald. It has been described as “more outward-looking, open and expansive”.


The xx’s Romy spoke to Beats 1’s Julie Adenuga about working on the record in an interview that will air in full on the Apple station tonight at 8pm GMT.

In the interview, Romy describes the album as “a collection of quite different sounding songs, different from each other”. She adds: “We let go of any sort of rules we had for ourselves before. In the beginning, we wanted to make sure everything was always playable live, and because, honestly, we couldn’t insert our instruments very well on the first album, because we wanted to make sure we played it live, things were more minimal and spacious, that was our limitation.”

“We wanted to open the windows and be like, let’s try completely new things, let’s get out of our comfort songs, which as more introverted people, our comfort zone is quite a small place, so just getting out there and meeting new people, going to places we didn’t know and recording there, and sharing the music,” she continues.

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On what it’s like working as a band after a period apart, Romy says: “We’re getting better at talking things through, we realised that with our friendship, we need to put some time and energy into it, and we all went off to do our separate things whilst making the album. Sometimes we did feel far apart from each other, and it was tough at times, but then coming back together, we realised things hadn’t changed, we just needed to give it time and spend time together.”


Romy also admits to feeling “really nervous” about returning to the live setting: “I’ve been off stage for a long time, but it’s just going to be great to play some new songs and actually look into people’s eyes and see the reaction. That fits in with the title, it kind of has a lot of meaning to us, but one of the meanings is, when you’re going to a gig and you stand in the front row and you look at the people at stage, I always used to think they couldn’t see me, I’m just invisible, and then I got on stage and I could see everybody. That’s one of the meanings of the title, and a message to our fans.”

Listen to ‘On Hold’ below and see the full album tracklist:

1. ‘Dangerous’
2. ‘Say Something Loving’
3. ‘Lips’
4. ‘A Violent Noise’
5. ‘Performance’
6. ‘Replica’
7. ‘Brave For You’
8. ‘On Hold’
9. ‘I Dare You’
10. ‘Test Me’