Klaxons and Young Knives have it covered

Both bands offer up surprises at intimate London show

Klaxons and The Young Knives both played cover versions as they continued the BBC Electric Proms festival with an intimate gig at London‘s Barfly last night (October 25).

The Young Knives headlined, performing a boisterous set to an enthusiastic crowd. Talking from the stage, singer Henry Dartnall teased his brother, Thomas Dartnall aka The House of Lords, for looking like “a fat Timmy Mallett”. He added: “NME wanted him in the cool list – it’s only because he’s got a wacky name”.

Their set included a cover of Kim Wilde’s 1981 hit ‘Kids In America’, and an acoustic version of ‘Tailors’.


Earlier, Klaxons played an early set to a glow-stick waving crowd including new-rave anthems ‘Atlantis to Interzone’, ‘Magick’ and ‘Gravity’s Rainbow’.

Their performance also included a cover of Nineties rave hit ‘The Bouncer’ by Kicks Like a Mule.

The Young Knives‘ complete setlist was:

‘Half Timer’

‘Part Timer’

‘Mystic Energy’


‘In the Pink’

‘Here Comes the Rumour Mill’


‘Life To The Letter’

‘Kramer vs Kramer’

‘Loughborough Suicide’

‘Another Hollow Line’

‘Weekends And Bleak Days’

‘Kids In America’


‘She’s Attracted To’

The Young Knives headline London‘s Astoria on Monday (October 30).