Former Zutons guitarist forms new band

Boyan Chowdhury launches Scouse supergroup

Former Zutons guitarist Boyan Chowdhury has joined a new band despite quitting the group only ten days ago.

The guitarist left the Liverpool band on July 13 due to “musical differences”, although it was claimed the split was amicable.

Chowdhury has now joined up with fellow Liverpudlians Graeme Robinson – formerly of The StandsLuke Thompson from The Cuckolds and Ronnie Mintor from The Miracle Cure, to form new group The Gravity Trap.

The new group have a [url=]Myspace

page, and have issued the following statement on it:

“The band has been looked upon as a sort of super group after breaking the news to the social elite at the local retreat…After becoming a bit tired of the status quo the four decided to put their brains together to make music that they wanted to hear which will be available for all you to hear in the not too distant future.”