THE AUDIENCE guitarist Billy Reeves looks set to quit the band...

THE AUDIENCE guitarist Billy Reeves looks set to quit the band, who performed without him on the NME Stage both days at V98 last weekend.

Founder member Reeves also refused to appear with the group at their London ULU show last Tuesday (August 18), opting instead to join Starchildren 2021, the first band to sign to his own Wedding Reception Records, on the Radio 1 Roadshow with Simon Mayo. The guitarist hasn’t appeared in public with Theaudience for the past month.

In response to frequent calls from the ULU audience of “Where’s Billy?”, singer Sophie Ellis-Bextor replied that he was having a “well-earned break”. However, speaking after the Radio 1 Roadshow at Bournemouth on August 18, Reeves said: “Relationships between myself, the management and the band have soured. I’ve got other fish to fry.”


As for his future with Theaudience, he continued: “It depends what Sophie and the record company want to do. But I have to have control of it, and I don’t feel that I do.”

Billy told NME that Starchildren 2021 member Moses had been unable to play the Radio 1 Roadshows, so he’d decided temporarily take his place and had “thoroughly enjoyed it”.

Theaudience’s new single, meanwhile, will be ‘Keep In Touch’, which will be backed with a tongue-in-cheek cover version of A-Ha’s ‘Hunting High And Low’ and is released at the end of September.

The debut single from Starchildren 2021, the first on Wedding Reception Records, is called ‘Funky Bus’ and is out on September 21.

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