Them Crooked Vultures’ John Paul Jones: ‘I may gatecrash Foo Fighters’ summer gigs’

Plus bassist says a new Them Crooked Vultures album is on the way

Them Crooked Vultures bassist John Paul Jones has hinted he will make a guest appearance at Foo Fighters’ Milton Keynes gigs next year.

The July gigs sees Them Crooked Vultures‘ drummer Dave Grohl‘s returning to his main band, as Foo Fighters gear up to release a new album next year.

“I might gatecrash one of their gigs I thinkā€¦ If he asks!” Jones told BBC 6 Music of his plans for a guest spot, before adding that Foo Fighters‘ return does not spell the end for Them Crooked Vultures.

The bassist indicated that the supergroup, led by Josh Homme, were already planning an album.

“Some stuff we’ve worked on, but we’re gonna write pretty quickly and just put it down,” he said. “We may be a year or so.”

He added that the album “will mainly be excess material from the first album”.

Meanwhile, Jones is due to play bass at London‘s Royal Opera House for an opera entitled Anna Nicole.

The production, which opens next February, focuses on the life of former Playboy model Anna Nicole Smith.