Them Crooked Vultures planning second album

Dave Grohl and co want it to be louder than their debut

Them Crooked Vultures have confirmed that they are to start work on their second album.

Despite their self-titled debut having only been released earlier this month, the three-piece say they are already thinking about its follow-up.

“I felt we’ve only just started to pick up steam. Why would we want to stop now?” singer Josh Homme told The Sun, while bassist John Paul Jones agreed. “We all know we have so much more in us yet,” he said.

Dave Grohl said that “when we make our second record, it’s going to be even more powerful than this one”.

Meanwhile, Homme has said he doesn’t like the band being labelled a ‘supergroup’. “It’s not that I hate that term,” he said. “I just don’t shave with it, I don’t eat with it and it doesn’t mean anything to me.”