But it seems a mix-up at the pressing plant is to blame...

Veteran rockers THERAPY? were left red faced and apologising to fans when an embarrassing mix-up meant some unidentified Europop was burned onto CDs released as their new album ‘SHAMELESS’.

The mix-up only came to light when fans bought the album at Therapy? shows on their recent European tour. Despite the fact that the albums carried the correct cover, artwork and print on the CD itself, when they were played, some generic Euro-dance blared. At least 1,000 copies of the album are thought to have been affected, many of which have already been shipped to shops.

A spokesperson for the Northern Irish four-piece said an error at a manufacturing plant had lead to foul-up. It appears that someone loaded the wrong master into the pressing machine, though the spokesperson insists this was a genuine mistake rather than a piece of rock sabotage.


Anyone who bought an effected album can send it to the band’s label Ark 21 who will replace it with a proper copy.