Andy Cairns urges paramilitaries to kneecap Riverdance...

THERAPY?‘s ANDY CAIRNS was the subject of controversey in Ireland this weekend over flippant comments to the effect that kneecapping was justified in the case of ‘Riverdance’.

“Give one member on the IRA and one member of the UVF a knee each,” he told Metal Hammer magazine. “I think that would bring peace to Northern Ireland.”

Nancy Gracey, from the human rights group OUTCRY hit out at his suggestion in the Belfast Telegraph Extra hit out at Cairns‘ remarks.


“It is making a joke out of a very serious issue. It is just disgusting. Some people have lost their limbs and some people have even died as a result of punishment beating.”

Kneecappings are a traditional punishment for criminals and “anti-social elements” meted out by paramilitary groups on both sides of the divide in Northern Ireland, particularly in Therapy?‘s hometown of Belfast.

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