There’s going to be a new Bros documentary, and this time it’s “grittier”

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Luke Goss has teased that a new “grittier” Bros documentary is in the works.

Following last year’s popular offering, After the Screaming Stops, Luke confirmed on Good Morning Britain that both he and his brother Matt are in talks to make a second film. You can watch the interview below.

Speaking about last year’s documentary, Luke said: “I’m so happy we did it. Candor is refreshing I think, it’s nice to be a part of that.” After The Screaming Stops earned three BAFTA nominations earlier this year.


Speaking about the next film – and possible plans for a new biopic – Luke revealed that the follow up will be “music-driven”.

He went on: “I think Matt and I are unanimous that the next film needs to be grittier and much more cinematic and driven by music. Music is driving the next film and we’ve been asked about biopics.”

Luke also revealed that the documentary helped to repair his fractured relationship with his brother after the pair split in 1992 following a long period of feuding.

“He and I are closer than we’ve ever been. We’re brothers again [and] it’s amazing.”


Earlier this year (January 14), Luke denied reports that he was “sick” of being ridiculed by viewers of the first Bros documentary.

“Contrary to a certain UK newspaper….I’m over the moon with the reaction of the documentary!” He tweeted after an interview was published suggesting otherwise.

“Those guys love an angle lol anyway…thank you all for being so vocal and supportive about our #film sending #love as always.”

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